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Atlanta Detox Center provides detox services, while our sister center, Atlanta Center for Mental Health, provides co-occurring disorder treatment on the same campus.

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About Atlanta Detox Center

At Atlanta Detox Center, you’ll experience drug and alcohol detox with a difference. Drug and alcohol detox provides the opportunity to remove stress and other triggers that may inhibit recovery and perpetuate the cycle of addiction. Our team will give you the structure you need so you can build your life unburdened by alcohol abuse, drug addiction, and mental illness. Contact us at (404) 905-1054 to start treatment today.
drug and alcohol detox center

Drug and Alcohol
Detox Center

During medical detox from drugs and alcohol, the harmful toxins from substance use are removed from your body, returning you to a place of health and comfort. From here, you can tackle the physical, emotional, and mental barriers preventing you from maintaining sobriety.

substance abuse treatment programs

Substance Abuse
Treatment Programs

In our residential treatment program, we’ll design a personalized treatment program so you can begin your recovery journey. Through a variety of therapies and treatments, lasting recovery is possible.

addiction treatment programs

Treatment Therapies

Group therapy and individual therapy can both provide you with the tools, knowledge, and experience for long-term recovery. In group therapy, you will be surrounded by individuals with similar problems who are facing the same challenges and seeking the same opportunities for change.


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Participants in our alumni program understand the difference that treatment at Atlanta Detox Center can make.

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Our Staff

Each staff member brings a unique experience and perspective. We approach detox and recovery from a variety of disciplines and therapeutic modalities. This allows our teams to create a truly comprehensive, individualized treatment plan. Many members of our team are in recovery themselves and are excited to share what they have found with you.

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If you or someone you care about has been battling addiction issues or having mental health problems, it is worth reaching out to a healthcare professional like the ones at Atlanta Detox. Contact Atlanta Detox Center using the below form or by calling us at (404) 905-1054.