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group discussing addiction treatment therapiesAt Atlanta Detox Center, we use a variety of addiction treatment therapies as part of our individualized treatment plans. Every individual who enters our care receives a personalized treatment plan based on our holistic, multidisciplinary approach towards treatment. Much of the treatment involves group therapy, and throughout recovery, you will be surrounded by individuals who have similar problems, are facing the same challenges, and are seeking the same opportunities for change. During recovery at our residential addiction treatment program, you will be provided with not only the tools and skills to overcome your addiction but the knowledge of how and when to uses these tools on your way to long-term recovery.

Our Addiction Treatment Therapies

Expressive Therapy

Expressive therapy uses both art and music as a way to express emotions. A therapist will guide you as you delve into the arts. Expressive therapy can help you engage with the creative arts in a manner designed to address your specific needs

Group Therapy

We strongly believe that group addiction therapy is the foundation of real recovery. During this addiction therapy program, our experienced and educated Atlanta Detox Center staff will guide you as you build an immediate community of people with the same goal as you: recovery. Additionally, you’ll learn the strategies you need for long-term recovery including coping skills and other healthy habits.

Trauma-Focused Therapy

Addiction and trauma go hand-in-hand. We can help you address any underlying traumas through our addiction treatment therapies in GA. Your unique treatment plan will focus on addressing any past trauma, and our staff will also continually assess your progress and adjust your plan as needed.

Motivational Interviewing

Motivational interviewing focuses on your strengths and figuring out what motivates you to start making positive changes. During these sessions, you’ll use positive affirmations through a series of questions to help you build skills for recovery. Although the cycle of addiction can leave you feeling hopeless, with the support of our team and your group, positive affirmations can help you regain control of your thoughts and your life.

Family Therapy

Damage to family relationships is a common consequence of addiction. We work with both our clients and their loved ones to establish healthy strategies for healing, setting boundaries, and dealing with family issues head-on. We’ll reach out to your loved ones as appropriate for education and family therapy sessions.

Treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders

While at our drug and alcohol detox center, you’ll work through co-occurring mental health disorders and substance abuse issues. We build your individualized treatment plan around your dual diagnosis. Severe mental health disorders can be debilitating. However, we can give you access to the care you need.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy, known as CBT, is one of many evidence-based addiction treatment therapies that we use at Atlanta Detox Center. The purpose of CBT is to learn healthy coping skills to deal with everyday stresses. While in this addiction therapy program, you’ll work on direct plans of action for specific circumstances. You’ll learn to deal with stress in a positive way.


Your personalized program will help you build the experience and healthy coping skills you need once you exit treatment. This includes strategies to prevent a relapse after treatment. The addiction therapy programs you’ve gone through, as well as the community you’ve built, will be your strength. We are dedicated to helping you achieve long-term success, and part of that involves giving you the tools you need for the future.

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