Find Hope for Addiction

Meth is a dangerous drug that leads users down the wrong path. It quickly leads to addiction and typically produces short- and long-term effects that are hard to resolve. But with patience, commitment, and the support of an excellent meth addiction treatment program, you can overcome your addiction

Meth addiction treatment centers in Atlanta offer drug treatment resources that allow someone struggling with meth addiction to progress down the road of their recovery journey. At Atlanta Detox Center, our meth detox center is staffed by medical professionals who understand what you are going through and how to help.

What Is Meth and Why Is It Dangerous?

group at a meth detox center

Meth, also known as speed, crystal, and ice, is a highly addictive stimulant with massive short- and long-term effects on health. It is typically produced in illicit under-the-radar labs using chemical components designed to produce a potent high. The base of meth is amphetamine, and it is frequently combined with cold medicine.

The drug has a quick cycle of highs and lows, often leading users to binge and develop intense physical dependence. Among the side effects of meth are:

  • Excessive weight loss
  • Tooth loss
  • Itching
  • Confusion
  • Paranoia
  • Sleep disruptions
  • Violence
  • Hallucinations

If you are struggling with an addiction to meth, you need to get professional help immediately from a drug detox center.

How Meth Detox Centers Ease Withdrawal

One of the main characteristics of meth is the powerful addiction it causes, drawing people into physical dependence very soon after use begins. Because it is so addictive, quitting meth produces a series of uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms, such as anxiety, fatigue, depression, or intense cravings.

You must carefully manage the withdrawal symptoms to make sure they do not lead to further harm. That is one of the primary purposes of a meth detox center. While you are in the center, doctors and staff will carefully monitor your withdrawal to make sure you remain as comfortable and safe as possible. You will not begin your meth detox until you have a thorough medical and psychological workup to make sure your care team understands the exact status of your health.

Learning to Cope with Addiction Triggers

Detox is just the beginning of your drug addiction treatment journey. Once you have flushed the meth from your system, you will enter a period of counseling and see a therapist both individually and as part of a group. Your family might also get involved, given the impact of addiction on the family unit.

The purpose of counseling is twofold: To help you understand the forces that brought you to this point and work closely with you to develop stronger coping skills.

After counseling, as a substance abuse treatment program graduate, you move on to aftercare. This is a crucial stage in your recovery journey. People who leave treatment have a high rate of relapse in their first year. Aftercare plans offer strategies for avoiding relapse and typically will include 12-step programs for peer support.

Stop Meth Abuse with Atlanta Detox Center

Methamphetamine is an immensely dangerous drug that puts your health, safety, and liberty at enormous risk. Detox is a crucial first step toward recovery. Our meth detox center helps you through the withdrawal and other side effects as you flush meth from your system.

Let the staff at Atlanta Detox Center help guide you to a future built on hope and sobriety. We are experts in the latest in evidence-based addiction medicine and offer treatment in a facility that is built to emphasize your comfort, safety, and privacy. Atlanta Detox Center offers a healing environment to help you move toward a more promising future. Let us help you write that next chapter. Contact a counselor today by calling Atlanta Detox Center at 470.450.2355 for a confidential consultation.