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girl at drug detox centerAs many as 40 million people in the United States have a substance abuse problem. And many of them never seek help for their addiction. Overcoming an addiction to drugs or alcohol alone is not just challenging, but can also be dangerous. That’s why a medically supported drug detox center is so important. With the assistance of clinicians and around the clock care at Atlanta Detox Center, you can begin to heal from addiction. 

The Importance of a Medical Drug Detox Center

First, why is a medical drug detox even necessary? 

Once you admit that you need help, the next step to begin treatment for addiction is to remove the existing drugs or alcohol out of your system. Some drugs can remain in your system for days or weeks after the last use. With frequent use, your body can actually become dependent on certain drugs. Therefore, detoxing from drugs can be uncomfortable and even painful. Some withdrawal symptoms include insomnia, cravings, anxiety, headaches, memory loss, and irritability. 

In some cases, withdrawal symptoms can be life-threatening. Seizures, tremors, and strokes can result from quitting, and without medical intervention, these could cause lasting damage. However, under the care of qualified medical professionals, you can trust that you are safe.

Every individual’s experience with substance abuse is different, so every treatment plan should be unique as well. While at our medical drug detox center, we will assess each individual and give you a treatment plan specific to your needs. Since the effects of every drug are also different, our professional detox center staff will treat your specific withdrawal symptoms. After detox, you can enter a substance abuse treatment program to begin working through the root causes of addiction.

Signs You Need a Drug Detox Program

How do you know that a drug detox program is right for you or your loved one? There are a few signs to look out for. You may find that the problem you thought you had under control is more serious than you realized and that you need help to overcome it. The following are signs that a drug detox program could be something you need:

  • Cravings to behave destructively
  • Damaged relationships with friends, family, or co-workers
  • Drug use gets in the way of your responsibilities
  • You need more of the drug to feel the same high
  • When you try to cut back or stop using the drug, you experience painful or uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms
  • You are having trouble sleeping
  • Continued drug use at the expense of your physical health
  • You are regularly worried about finding your next dose

If you are in need of a drug detox program, reach out to Atlanta Detox Center. We are experienced in helping people recover from both drug and alcohol abuse. We provide care around the clock so that you can safely detox and move on to overcoming addiction.

Find Help at Atlanta Detox Center

In our drug and alcohol detox program in GA, you will find caring, competent staff, a comfortable, peaceful facility, and therapists who work to help you understand and conquer your addiction. We have both private and semi-private rooms so that you can begin your recovery in a safe, secure environment. Our goal is to help you achieve meaningful, lasting sobriety. We do this through a number of evidence-based therapies and other treatments.

Therapies we offer include the following:

  • Expressive therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Trauma-focused therapy
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Family therapy
  • Co-occurring diagnosis
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Aftercare

To learn more about our drug detox program and substance abuse treatment programs, contact us today. Our admissions team can answer your questions and help get you started on the road to recovery. Take the first step by calling us at 470.450.2355.

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