Find Hope for Addiction

About 5.2% of women suffer from substance use disorders. Women are likely to absorb drugs faster and retain them in their bodies for longer periods, increasing their vulnerability to developing a dependency on the drugs much quicker. Such a situation may escalate rapidly into an addiction case. That is why we cannot stress enough the need for a women’s rehab program at a drug addiction treatment program.

The Need for a Women’s Rehab Program

women at a women's rehab program

In most cases of addiction, a person will not realize they need the services of a rehab center. This is because the person is no longer in charge of their life, and the drugs have become the main motivator and driver of their activities. In such a scenario, it may be difficult to convince the afflicted person to enroll in a rehab center.

In some cases, it is the rehab client who offers to enroll in a residential addiction treatment program. This is advantageous because the initiative comes from the person struggling with addiction, and the probability of making a full recovery increases. Whatever the scenario, some indicators will point to the need for a rehab service. They include:

A Shift in Priorities

This is the most obvious sign. The individual struggling with addiction increasingly overcrowds their thoughts with the substance in question, and may go to extreme lengths to acquire the drugs. They may also spend a substantial part of their resources to access the drugs.

Health Issues

You might need to join a women’s rehab program if you begin to experience health complications, such as mental or physical health conditions.

High Tolerance

As you continue with the drug use, your body adapts, and the amount it takes to get high steadily increases. It eventually reaches a point where the amount needed is detrimental, and you can accidentally overdose. If you notice your tolerance levels rising, it might be best if you enroll in a rehab facility.

Difficulty Quitting

People struggling with drug addiction may consciously try to quit the drug use by themselves. In most cases, they fail, which could be due to the withdrawal effects of the drug. If you find yourself trying to quit drug use repeatedly yet unsuccessfully, you may need the services of a rehab facility.

woman speaking with her female personal therapist at Women's Detox Center - Drug Detox in Atlanta

Treatment Programs for Women at Atlanta Detox Center

Our drug and alcohol detox center has programs to help women recover from addiction. They include:

  • Women’s detox center: The women’s detox center helps you make a recovery among other women working to overcome addiction. You’ll find a safe space to open up in our Georgia center.
  • Alcohol detox center: This program is helpful for women struggling with alcohol addiction. Our team offers medical support and counseling during the detox process and can help you begin recovery with a strong foundation.
  • Heroin detox center: This center is solely for people struggling with heroin addiction. It will help you detoxify from opioids. Additionally, detox specialists will help you deal with the uncomfortable withdrawal effects of the drug, which reduces your chances of relapsing.
  • Alumni support program: The alumni program is a support program that helps you to stay on track long after you have completed a treatment program in our center.

Recover with Atlanta Detox Center’s Women’s Rehab Program in Georgia

Do not let addiction prevent you from enjoying life to the maximum. You can get over any form of addiction. All you have to do is enroll in a medical facility such as a women’s rehab program. Call Atlanta Detox Center at 470.450.2355 or visit our women’s rehab program in Atlanta, Georgia today to learn more about how we can help you overcome your substance use disorder.