Find Hope for Addiction

Drug addiction does not discriminate against gender. Each one of us has the potential to become addicted to drugs; however, men are more likely than women to struggle with addiction. Furthermore, research indicates that close to 9.4% of men suffer from substance use disorder, proving the need to offer care for this group. Mixed-gender programs can help you recover, but seeking help from a men’s drug and alcohol detox center may be the best option. This is because gender-specific centers specialize in dealing with addiction issues most relevant to men. It is no secret that addiction in men and women is quite different, and limiting them to the same treatment modalities may be unsuitable.

Choosing a Men’s Rehab Program

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Before you enroll in a substance abuse treatment program, you need to consider several factors. Not all rehabs will offer the best service at the fee they propose, and you may need to do thorough research before enrolling in one of these centers. For first-timers, it may seem tiresome, and you may even contemplate abandoning the process altogether.

In contemporary society, accessing information has become easier than ever. You can simply access the information on a men’s rehab program of your choice from your smartphone. Such convenience should be motivational enough to prevent you from abandoning your search for the best men’s rehab facilities. Below are some of the factors you should consider:

Goals and Needs

You must establish what your objectives are right from the start. Rehab facilities are different. That is why it is good to align your objectives with their recovery options. Make sure that the residential addiction treatment program facility in consideration satisfies all your needs and goals towards making a recovery.


The recovery process can be uncomfortable, so it is important to find men’s rehabs that offer a myriad of amenities to help you cope with the discomfort. However, the provision of these amenities may increase the cost of rehab. If these options are unaffordable, you can also find a more cost-effective facility with basic amenities that are purely functional.

Treatment Options

Rehab centers provide different treatment programs, so it is helpful to get acquainted with these programs before enrolling. If you are looking for a specific type of treatment or therapy, you should confirm the availability of your preferences before committing to a men’s rehab program.


Sometimes we would like to get treatment near our family members, while at other times, we might prefer some privacy as we make the recovery. The location of a rehab facility is thus a necessary factor to consider.

Types of Treatment Programs at Atlanta Detox Center

A men’s rehab program in Atlanta, Georgia has several treatment plans for various addiction cases. They include: 

  • Men’s detox center: Our center for men helps you to go through detox with the support you need. The medical team will address underlying issues that may prevent you from opening up about your addiction. They will then help you with the recovery process.
  • Alcohol detox center: This amenity specializes in alcohol addiction and related disorders. It will help you to recover using medical assisted techniques. The staff will hold therapy sessions regularly with the patient. The main aim of the therapies is to enhance your comfort while making your recovery.
  • Heroin detox center: A detox center for heroin addiction. The facility uses a medical detox procedure to help you recover from heroin addiction. The procedure also helps to reduce the chances of the patient relapsing back to heroin use.
  • Drug detox center: This is a general facility for all other types of addiction not covered by the other treatment plan. It will help you to eliminate all the drugs and toxins that accumulate in your body due to the addiction

Restore Hope with Atlanta Detox Center’s Men’s Rehab Program in Georgia

Don’t let addiction hurt your progress in life. You can overcome it by joining a men’s rehab program. Get in touch with our men’s rehab program at Atlanta Detox Center in Georgia at 470.450.2355 today. We will help you reclaim your life.