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Heroin is a highly addictive substance. It is an opioid that binds itself rapidly to the pain and pleasure receptor cells. That is why a person experiences euphoria when they use it. In the United States alone, 948,000 people reported using heroin in a single year. Heroin addiction can change your life drastically. Your productivity rate will slump, and the quality of your relationships might plummet. Luckily, you can start a heroin detox program and  residential addiction treatment program at Atlanta Detox Center to help you recover. 

Signs of Heroin Addiction

First, it is important to distinguish the difference between dependence and addiction. The physical dependence on heroin is a function of the quantity that an individual takes. In the beginning, users can get the pleasurable effects just by taking small doses of the drug. As they progress, they need to increase their dosage to sustain the same effect.

Addiction, on the other hand, is a mental disorder. The disorder makes it difficult for a person to function normally without consuming heroin. In most cases, physical dependence and addiction go hand in hand. Some of the signs of heroin addiction in a person include:

  • Euphoria or a “rush” in the initial stages
  • Slowed heart rate after the euphoria
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Flushed skin
  • Shortness of breath

You might need to check in with a heroin detox center in GA if you exhibit the symptoms of addiction. Getting help as quickly as possible will make it easier to recover from the addiction.

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Behavioral Signs of Heroin Addiction

Sometimes people may not want to disclose that they struggle with addiction. This may be due to a myriad of factors. The fear of stigmatization is the common factor. This makes it necessary for us to be aware of the behavior patterns of these addicts. It is only through this awareness that we can single them out early enough for treatment.

When a person is addicted to heroin, their world revolves around the drug. They may begin to carry heroin paraphernalia around. Additionally, you will notice a change in their behavior. These individuals may become more aggressive and secretive, and they may also tend to use street slang for heroin in their conversations.

When to Seek Help from a Heroin Addiction Treatment Program

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A person should seek treatment whenever they suspect that they have become addicted to heroin. They can confirm this by checking if they exhibit the symptoms above. Alternatively, compare your situation before and after heroin use. If you realize that you cannot perform tasks without using heroin, then it is likely you are dependent.

Dependency is a good indicator that you should visit a doctor. Our professional Atlanta Detox Center staff perform thorough evaluations to determine if you are struggling with addiction. Then, we will recommend solutions to help you overcome your addiction.

Services Available at Atlanta Detox Center

Our facility has a variety of programs that can be tailored to suit individual cases. Some of the features of our heroin addiction treatment program in GA include:

  • Detoxification: During detox, our clients have support as they go through withdrawal. The program improves the mental, physical, and spiritual well-being of those in our care.
  • Dual diagnosis: Many individuals who struggle with addiction also face co-occurring mental health issues. This approach helps those in recovery heal from both issues simultaneously.
  • Motivational interviews: This is a therapeutic modality that helps those in recovery take steps towards positive change. Specialists focus on the strengths that can help them move towards sobriety.
  • Aftercare: This program helps those in recovery stay sober even after completing a treatment program.

Enroll in a Heroin Addiction Treatment Program Today

You do not have to be a prisoner to your addictions. You can find solace in a heroin addiction treatment program and heroin detox program. These programs will give you a second chance to live your life to its full potential. Contact Atlanta Detox Center in Riverdale, Georgia or call us at 470.450.2355 today and we shall overcome heroin addiction together.